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Corporate Profile

We are a technology company that provides wearable devices for use in the quantified-self wellness market. Our wearable devices and related applications provide our end-users with health related knowledge acquired through self-tracking. Our Life Sensing Technology uses state-of-the-art sensors, enhanced signal processing and algorithms to collect and process specific data from end-users; and it is embedded into Helo, our branded wearable devices that are designed, mass produced and sold into the wellness market through our exclusive marketing and distribution partner, World Global Network Pte. Ltd. and its distribution network (which we refer to herein as WGN). WGN is a direct-to-consumer, multi-level marketing company with operations in countries including the U.S., Singapore, Ireland, Thailand, China, India, the Philippines, and Japan. Mr. Fabio Galdi, one of WGN’s controlling stockholders, owns a controlling interest in our company and serves as our Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer.

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